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Thomas Cuthell started our family business over 100 years ago. At this time we were joiners and undertakers. The joinery was the main focus of the business and funeral work would be undertaken as and when it was needed. Over the years the business blossomed and more joiners were required, however during the 1980s the joinery side was phased out and we focused solely on funeral directing.

When things first began, in 1905, funerals were very different from today. There was no need for a funeral parlour or service room as the deceased would stay at home. The deceased would be prepared and coffined within their home and rest there until the funeral. This was in days when funerals took place a lot quicker usually within two or three days. This was long before the widespread use of motor vehicles therefore the hearse would have been a horse drawn hearse. In those days it was also the case that women would not attend the funeral.

Thomas Cuthell was the founder of our business and some years later his two sons Archie and James joined him, turning it into a family business.

The next generation to take over the reins were Grant and Colin (Archie’s two sons) and Grant’s wife Margaret. It was during this time the joinery side of business diminished and the funeral directing blossomed.

Our premises at Bo’ness were transformed to provide a service room, meeting rooms, reception area, public toilets and rest rooms. Garages were also created on site to store the funeral vehicles.

Archie, Grant, Colin and Margaret took the decision to expand into Denny in the 1980s. A purpose built funeral home was erected and the family business has since become a recognised part of the Denny community.

Grant’s son Alistair was next to join the family tradition of funeral directing, with Colin’s son Paul and daughter Michelle joining soon after.

The next expansion project was to open premises in Grangemouth with further expansion into Falkirk some years later. To this day Thomas Cuthell and Sons still operate four funeral homes.

Alistair, Paul and Michelle now run the day to day operations, whilst Colin still maintains a keen interest in key business decisions. Grant and Margaret are now fully retired.

Thomas Cuthell and Sons are members of a number of several trade associations, Paul Cuthell was honoured to become the youngest ever National President of the National Association of Funeral Directors in 2014-15. The Cuthell family are immensely proud of this as NAFD can trace it's roots back to 1905 (the same year our business was founded) and Paul is only the fifth funeral director from Scotland to hold this office. Each trade association has its own code of practice, which members must adhere to. Trade associations also conduct regular premises inspections in order to maintain high standards.

We are proud to be members of the National Association of Funeral Directors, the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors, the National Association of Memorial Masons and Selected Independent Funeral Homes.