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Over the years our team at Thomas Cuthell and Sons has grown considerably. We now have a team of five funeral directors, four assistant funeral directors, an operations manager, seven casual drivers, ten administration staff, one cleaner and one gardener. Two of the assistant funeral directors also run the memorial department and we have a full time embalmer who provide the best possible care for any deceased people.


Bo’ness is where our funeral directors and assistant funeral directors start their day. This dedicated team move between our four funeral homes as and when required.

In Bo’ness we have an office and a waiting area where our administrative staff can assist with any funeral or memorial related enquiries.

Grant Cuthell

Retired company director

Colin Cuthell (deceased)

Company director and funeral director

Alistair Cuthell

Company director and Dip FD, Dip FAA qualified funeral director

Paul Cuthell

Dip FD, Dip FSM, Company director, qualified funeral director and past president of the NAFD

Mark Fowler

Dip FD, Dip FAA qualified funeral director

William Paterson

Dip FAA qualified funeral director

John Murray Dip FD

Operations manager

Ross Graham

Assistant funeral director and memorial mason

Colin McKenzie

Assistant funeral director and stock control manager

Allan Weir

Assistant funeral director

David Laing

Assistant funeral director and memorial mason

Jamie McKay

Assistant funeral director

Sharon Gentleman

Funeral administrator

Helen Best

Funeral administrator

Krzysztof Marciszuk


Elizabeth Gourlay



Our funeral home in Denny was the first expansion of the business. Based at Denny we have two administrative staff available to assist with any funeral and memorial enquiries.

Louise Sinclair

Funeral administrator

Inger Cooper

Funeral administrator


Our funeral home in Grangemouth is the former Dundas Church. Any funeral and memorial enquires can be looked after by our two funeral administrators.

Colette Knox

Funeral administrator

Rhona Drummond

Funeral administrator


Our Falkirk funeral home is the administrative hub for the business. We also have meeting rooms and a waiting room to allow our administrative team to assist with any customer enquiries.

Our purpose built mortuary and embalming theatre allow us to centralise the care of any deceased people when they are initially brought into our care.

Michelle Cuthell

Company director and office manager

Elizabeth Smith

Funeral administrator

Nicole Drummond

Funeral administrator

Sarah Jones


Nicola McRobbie

Funeral administrator

Samantha Sellars

Freelance embalmer